Tracey and Mukti are available for 1, 2 or 3 day workshops to inspire and uplift, plant and water the seeds for new lifestyle habits:


Introducing Mukti Lartigau

You can read about Mukti’s journey with Depression in Chapter 9 of How To Overcome Stress Naturally

Mukti is a natural therapist, counsellor, intuitive healer, yoga and meditation teacher. She uses modalities from many cultures. At the conclusion of 12 years of study and application, Mukti earned one of the few certificates of competence awarded by Jessamy Gantinas, ND (Denada Centre, Australia) for Urine Diagnosis and Deep Cellular Nutrition.

  • Experiential hands-on workshops
  • Start with the MindSet & Mindfulness – reveal worn-out old patterns that no longer serve you and start anew
  • Food affects your Mood & Health – experience powerful and simple new eating habits
  • Money is energy – what thoughts, emotions and energy do you have around money? What’s your money Mindset?

Tracey Stranger & Mukti Lartigau take you on a fun filled, informative and inspirational journey whether it is a 1, 2 or 3 day workshop. We will tailor our wealth of information to your needs.

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