In Chapter 3 Shanti Gowans talks about the Ayurvedic Approach to Stress & Depression and how to Balance Your Life.
Shanti says “When people approach us with stress, we first would ascertain what dosha they are, what their signature tune is, because to bring them back to that would be to bring them back to the optimum tune that they play.“

To Find out your Signature tune, download this Ayurvedic dosha questionnaire.

Shanti says: “Various combinations of these three doshas are like the signature tune for each person and all of us have some quantity and quality of all of these three which is our thumbprint, our constitutional blueprint and for us to be balanced we need to be as close to our constitutional blueprint as we experienced at conception.

When we veer away from our constitutional thumbprint we experience stress and disease.”

A vata dosha person under stress would get anxious and nervous and fearful.

A pitta person under stress would get angry and aggressive.

A kapha person under stress would go into a kind of state of no action like a paralysis that is the precursor to depression.

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