1. Am I suffering stress or depression?
In Chapter 1, Prof Gordon Parker gives a clear simple explanation of what is stress, what is depression and what is mood disorder.
2. How quickly can stress lead to depression?
Stress may lead to anxiety, grief or depression if the stress continues long and intense enough. The aim of this book is to help overcome stress naturally before it leads to more serious health illnesses.
3. Are there practical exercises to help me change my habits?
Yes at the end of each chapter there are 3 Mindfulness-Positive Uplifting activities plus a brief 10 minute meditation/contemplation.
4. Does Food greatly affect my emotional mood?
Yes it does. You will be amazed how simple dietary changes can make a huge difference to your mood.
5. I’m embarrassed to talk to my family or my local doctor. What can I do to help myself?
Start by doing the simple yet powerful steps at the end of each chapter. This book takes you by the hand to start building your life that is healthy for your mind and your body. You may seek help with a natural therapist when you read the extensive resource guide. It is always very beneficial to speak to someone. I encourage you to talk about your situation with someone you feel comfortable with – whether that is a friend or someone independently.
6. Where can I go for help to deal with Stress and Depression?
This book has an extensive resource guide showing you the choice you have for natural therapy advice and where to find a natural health practitioner. It includes Mental Health Associations, Help Lines, Foundations for prevention of suicide and depression, Integrative medicine, Nutritional & Environmental medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional & Chinese medicine, Natural Therapy (including Breathwork), Buddhism & Mindfulness in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Europe & India.
7. I think the worst and it always happens. That’s just who I am. That won’t change.
The Power of the Mind is incredible. You can change and it is totally up to you. Why not start NOW. There is no time like the present moment to change and start something new. You may surprise yourself! You’ve come this far to read this question – so deep down inside you must be ready for a new beginning.


“The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we
make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.”
Carlos Castaneda



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